Champ Records Music Production
Champ Records Music Production also known as C.R.M.P is an independent record label in Houston, TX that supplies music industry needs for artists that are trying to succeed in the music industry. C.R.M.P was established in 2005 by its C.E.O (Frydae Killasmoke) also from Houston, TX. Not only do we supply the needs for artist, we supply the needs to any individual looking for these type of services. This particular website was designed so that potential customers can view some of the photo, graphic and video work created at C.R.M.P. More info can be found on C.R.M.P by visiting our main website which can be found by selecting the (C.R.M.P Website). For all potential customers looking for (Album Cover, Motion Cover, Music Video, Motion Videos, or Hood Crunk Beats) you can view our catalog by clicking one of the buttons below. If your looking to book an appointment check out our (Customer Portal).

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