UNDISPUTED- Dope (Snippet) (Official Music Video)

UNDISPUTED- Dope (Official Music Video)

LEVEL UP- Houston (Snippet) (Official Music Video)

LEVEL UP- HOUSTON (Official Music Video)

Lady-A Da Lyricstarr
Still Me
 (Snippet) (Official Music Video)

UNDISPUTED- Still Me (Official Music Video)

Frydae Killasmoke
Shine on a Beat
 (Snippet) (Official Music Video)

UNDISPUTED- Shine on a Beat (Official Music Video)

UNDISPUTED- Massacre (Official Music Video Snippet)

UNDISPUTED- Massacre (Official Music Video)

Each music track, music video & song has been legally copyrighted and all rights reserved fully to Champ Records Music Production. Any and all illegal sampling or un-permitted use of any kind is prohibited and will be punishable to the maximum extent granted by law.

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