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Photography Packages
What Do You Get?
 Packages come with outfit changes, backdrops, and print release. This includes Fully Edited High Resolution Digital Images. After everything is done, you will receive a flash drive, which will give you access to all of your photo shoot content for printing and future editing purposes if needed.
NOTE: For new customers, out of the edited images, you will receive 1 free graphic designed image. For returning customers, graphic designed images are $75.00 per photo. 
Understand the deposit paid for booking a service is just the deposit, which would be deducted from the service price. Please call or email the studio for a consultation first. It is highly recommended for customers to have a consultation before booking a service. There are no refunds on deposits for no shows nor last-minute cancellations​​​​​​​. Please notify the studio 48 hours in advance to reschedule or cancel an appointment. Only 1 reschedule will be permitted per deposit.
We also provide videography services for all events such as: music videos, weddings, parties, venues, tv commercials, grand openings, etc.. Contact us for info.
(All Photo/Video Shoots start at the exact time of appointment).
Photo Shoot Sets
These are studio (sets) used by C.R.P.V.P. All studio sets come with the proper lighting according to (set). Also included are dressing rooms, restrooms, wifi, and parking spaces. Most include backdrops, green screens, props and show lights if needed. Most (sets) are decorated, as seen in photos. Some rooms can be customized to fit the need of the photo shoot as well. Other alterations may be able to be arranged as well. Others (sets) that are not listed may also be available depending on the setting you're looking for, which will be discussed during consultation.
Some prices, times, and availability for (sets) may change over time, so please check with C.R.P.V.P before planning your photo shoot to ensure nothing has changed with the (set) that you wish to book.
Set 1
 From $135/hr 2-hr Minimum
Set 2
From $125/hr 1-hr Minimum
Set 3
From $210/hr 1-hr Minimum
Extras: Light Walls $100 Each 
Set 4
From $135/hr 1-hr Minimum
Extras: Gown Rental $35 Each 
Set 5
From $155/hr 2-hr Minimum
Extras: Pool $55/hr- Fireplace Fuel $15 Flat Rate-  Hookah $35 Flat Rate
Set 6
From $115/hr 2-hr Minimum
Set 7
From $175/hr 1-hr Minimum
Set 8
From $75/hr 2-hr Minimum
Set 9
From $150/hr 2-hr Minimum
Set 10
From $125/hr 1-hr Minimum
Set 11
From $125/hr 2-hr Minimum
Set 12
From $125/hr 2-hr Minimum
Set 13
From $175/hr 2-hr Minimum
Extras: Light Walls $50 Each- Flame Thrower Towers $200 Each
Set 14
From $100/hr 1-hr Minimum
(Call for Appointments & Consultations Only)
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(For all other inquiries containing to our services send us a brief massage below.)
Thanks for contacting C.R.M.P! Please allow a response time within the next 24 hours of this message or less. Only serious inquiries will be answered.
Each music track, photo, music video & song has been legally copyrighted and all rights reserved fully to Champ Records Music Production. Any other content belonging to one other then Champ Records Music Production may be copyrighted by the content owner. Any and all illegal sampling or un-permitted use of any kind is prohibited and will be punishable to the maximum extent granted by law.

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